Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let's smile and the world will smile with us

Too often we assume that smiling is not important in our life. Maybe, it’s because smiling is very simple, so that we usually take it for granted. Many times we only smile on the specific cases, such as if there is something funny and it makes us smile, or if there is someone who smiles to us, then we response it also by smiling.

Indeed, smiling has so many benefits for our soul. One of the benefits : smiling is an effective way for improving our positive energy. When we feel down due to anger, disappointment, or sadness, let’s try to smile for a few minutes by remembering a funny thing or seeing a funny story. Then, progressively we will forget any negative feeling which has bothered us. Why? Because, smiling is commonly associated with happy feeling, so it will lead us to switch our focus of attention from the things that makes us restless, to the things that makes us feel good.

Another benefit of smiling is, when we give our smile to other person, it is also a signal that we treat this person as an important person in our life. This can change the negative mood of everybody surrounds us, so that they will feel comfortable with our presence. If they response it also by smiling, this positive energy will strengthen each other and will lead to a warmer and friendlier situation.

When I gave a seminar in a company about “positive attitude”, there was a question asked by the participants, “How can I smile, when I find a traffic jam on the way to go home or even when I remember the price of everything goes up during this economics crisis? “

Actually, smiling could also bring us to see a positive side of everything, it will also lead us to be grateful for anything that we have. So, if we found a traffic jam on the way to go home, let’s smile and be grateful that we still have a good job although we have to pass a long traffic jam. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people who are still struggling to find a job or who were laid-off by their companies due to this economics crisis. If we found that the price of everything goes up, let’ smile and be grateful that we still have good health, so that we can do many activities such as working (to fulfill our responsibilities to provide the main needs for our family), whereas there are other people who are still struggling with malnutrition or poverty.

The main point is as often as we smile and feel grateful with anything which happens to us, it will be easier for us to see a good and fun side of that thing. In a long term, it will build the positive habit and attitude towards us, so that could bring a lot of positive things such as lucks and happiness in our life.

So, have you smiled today? Let’s smile and the world will smile with us !!
Written by Ati Paramita
Photo : Smiling by Three Wy

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