Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life is beautiful

Having a cup of tea in the morning and seeing the beauty of blooming flowers were really refreshing. The butterflies danced around me, the birds sang beautifully and the wind blew slowly. All of these made the symphony of nature and my senses were pampered with the beauty of nature.
Experiencing all of those things made me realize how I forgot to enjoy the life. Targets, planning, deadline, responsibilities and so on have filled in my life and looked like so real so that I forgot that I am not those targets, planning, etc. I have identified myself into my role so deeply, so that I forgot that no matter what role I play, it’s just a temporary role and it’s not mine at all. I played my role as best as I can, but when everybody around me didn’t play as best as I do, I became so upset. I was also easily irritated when my role was being bothered by the external conditions such as the presence and moods of everybody around me, the weather which may change suddenly, the television program which sometimes provide uneducated program and the internal conditions such as physical illness, fluctuated moods along the day. Why did I become so fragile? Where did my all my power go?
This morning, getting a chance to be here, to be present at the moment when I was enjoying the beauty of everything surrounds me made me feel that I found my treasure back which has been lost in the last few years. I am glad to find it cause I know that I am back on track and I know that I can find my way back home to the nature of my self to become peace, free from attachment in my role, and powerful. 

Written by : Ati Paramita
Photo : Blooming Flower by Ati Paramita

Friday, January 3, 2014

Greetings from Jogja, Indonesia

Dear Readers,
The first of all I would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014. May the beauty of the day and the brightness of the light will always fill in your heart in whatever you do and wherever you are.

I truly appreciate for your continuity to read this blog although I have been off from writing on this blog for almost 2 years. Thank you also for your inputs, comments, supports and contribution which have been given to this blog. I am so happy to response to your enthusiasm to this blog. Also, as you suggested, I will keep updating and improving this blog, so it will come to you in the beautiful touch and it will become more interesting to read.

It has been a long time I did not write for this blog. After wandering in many cities around the world, my journey of life has brought me back to my hometown, Jogja, Indonesia. Living back in the village, in which I am surrounded by the people with their simplicities, the beautiful views of mount Merapi and the rice field, these have provided me with the sense of natural life and brought my soul back to the nature of myself.

I experienced a lot of things in the last few years, 2 flip sides of life, up and down moments: such as being bounded very close to my attachment, experiencing changes of the situations and conditions, experiencing physical illness and emotional suffering, getting lost in the middle of my journey of life, searching for the light, standing up and moving forward to the new way, and learning from all of those moments. It is interested to share to all of you, how I learn to get up from the unpredictable situations, to deal with all of the feelings, and to find the new equilibrium.

What I learned from this experience is the pathways of life are not always straight, but also up and down, sometimes it is twisted with turn around, even sometimes we may find the dead-end road. But, regardless what kind of ways that we have to face, the keys to pass through the various conditions of the ways are, keeping the hope, being grateful, and adapting to the changes. In addition, my practice of meditation also has helped me to remain calm, so that I can find the center of myself again and re-connect to the universe to discover the way out.

Well, I also hope that you can take a lot of lessons from your life story. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, the most important thing is it shares values to develop your soul to become you right now.

Enjoy to read this blog and wish you have a “better” you.

Greetings from Ati Paramita in Jogja
Photo : The beauty of mountain Merapi and the rice field in Jogja by Sri Handayani

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Embracing changes

Why do we have to escape from changes?
Because no matter how fast we tried to run away from changes, 
we cannot stop changes to occur.

Time will not stop moving.
Age will not stop growing.
Seasons will not stop changing.

It is easier to swim in the ocean through following the waves than to direct against them, isn’t it?
It is also easier to dress according to the seasons than to insist wearing the same dress all the time, isn’t it?

Embrace the changes.
As the changes are not our enemies.
But indeed, these are our guides which will help and nurture us to grow.


May the moment of changes will help you to transform your life.

Written by Ati Paramita

Thanks to the changes which happened to me.
Thanks to all people who have been helped to transform my life.

Photo : Change a head exit sign, source: www.reachingcampus.com