Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life is a matter of choice

In every step of our life, we have to face so many choices.
These choices challenge us to take a decision.
Having considered the choices that we have, sometimes we become panic and confuse.
Because when we try to imagine the consequences of every choice, sometimes it manifests into a good solution, or an ordinary thing, or even the worst one.

So often, these choices and consequences make us confusing in taking a decision.
However, there is one important question that we can keep in mind when we make a decision. This question will help us to stay on track: “What is the purpose of our life?”
The main purpose of our life will guide our journey of life.

Of course, there are so many considerations will always come into our mind when we were making a decision such as: the society values, a realistic choice, a cost and benefit analysis, etc.
But then, a question comes up whether we are ready to become an “object” of our desire?

Sometimes, we just need to “let it flow”.
Sometimes, the most important thing is not on the decision itself, but on how do we responsible to every decision that we take and how do we enjoy each moment in our choice.
So that no matter what a decision that we take, we will find the true value of our life.

Written by : Christina Susanti
Photo : Signing boards at Madurodam by Ati Paramita

Thanks for the wonderful poem, Tina.
It reminds us to stay joyful in every choice we take !

Photo : Christina Susanti