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When we encounter a complex problem in life

Have you ever entered into a labyrinth? Labyrinth is a maze with an intricate structure of interconnecting passages, but it seems does not have an entrance and exit doors, so that will be very difficult to find a way out. A labyrinth actually has both entrance and exit doors, however those are hidden in the alley.Therefore, when we enter into a labyrinth, we often find the wrong direction and it forces us to try it again and again. The more we feel panic, the more we find difficulties to get a way out of a labyrinth. We will only go around and spin in a labyrinth, because we feel trapped and we can not see the way out.
Sometimes in life, we often encounter a complex problem in which we feel that it is really hard to find a way out. It is such an analogy of entering into a labyrinth.

There are several possible causes. Our unrealistic perspective, our mind which is dominated by our ego, our impatience to make efforts and to wait for a result, our limited time, the conflict of interests of everybody around us and there are many other reasons that make us feel stuck and be a victim of the situation.

When we are in such condition, there are several tips that I could share to overcome this situation:

First, acknowledge that indeed we have a problem. We may cry, shout, share it to other people or compensate it to other things. However, we should not run away from the reality. Embrace and face the problem. Because no matter how fast we run out of the problem, we still have to face similar problem at another time. If we ignore to settle the problem when it comes, sometimes the impact of the problem could be more complicated in the future. Therefore, keep in mind that actually a problem is not a bad thing, because it serves as a way of reflection or "homework" to correct our inappropriate attitude in order to be more mature in life.

Second, calmness or tranquility is the second key word. A problem will not be solved only because we force to solve it. The more we become panic and impatience, the more our mind become overloaded, distracted and exhausted. Providing the opportunity for resting our mind, such as doing meditation, relaxation or praying; our mind will recover from its exhaustion and will be ready to provide a way out.When we are at the state of peace, we listen with attention and totally present, therefore it opens many possibilities of solutions.

Third, be grateful.Gratitude is appreciation for everything (place, people, life, thing) surrounds us. Through gratitude we learn to appreciate everything and to see it with the different eyes. Therefore, gratitude is a key to boundless opportunity when we get caught in our limited certainty, because through seeing with different eyes and appreciation, we will find the real values of everything surrounds us and these will give us an opportunity to see many possible ways out of problem.

Fourth, sometimes we just need a problem to be solved by its time. Do we realize that so far we have developed a habit of wanting everything right now, at this moment and not a second later? Everything requires efforts. In this case, patience is the next keyword, because patience taught us to learn and to wait. Furthermore, patience will help us to analyze the problems step by step and to set up a priority scale of the things that we have to do.

Fifth, in setting up a priority scale, try to give priority to settle the main source of problem, not just the symptoms of problem. The difference of solving the main problem and the symptom is solving the main problem will have a long term and bigger impacts. But, it requires more efforts and more patience. If we are impatience and try to find an "instant solution", it will be effective only for short term. A peaceful mind will help to distinguish the main problem and the symptoms, because through peace we learn to settle our ego and to see the problem as it is.

Sixth, after finding a priority scale of the problem, then set up a planning and focus to solve them one by one. Focus means to direct our attention, to optimize our resources (energy, money, attention, and strategy) and to make our best efforts to settle the problem. If we focus to handle our problem seriously and persistently, the universe will open the door for a lot of solutions and help us to settle the rest of our problem.

The last but not least, if we have done our best, but then everything is happened not according to what we want. Just let it and follow the flow. Sometimes the universe has a better and more comprehensive planning than our own planning. Our narrow way of thinking sometimes is not always in line with what the universe designs for us. Following the flow means that we open for any possibility not only in our planning but also in our implementation. This will teach us to become more flexible for accepting any opportunity in life. As far as we could understand what the universe intends to us, just follow it, and it will provide the best and the most appropriate solution for us, no matter what it is.

So, if you encounter a complex and difficult problem in life, you don't have to be panic. Because indeed there are many solutions available there. Sometimes we could not see these solutions because our ego is too dominant and our way of seeing is too narrow. Therefore, through a peaceful mind, we will be able to see a lot of possibilities and to find a way out. Good Luck !

Written by Ati Paramita
Photo : A labyrinth in Drielanden by Ati Paramita

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Unity in Diversity

Photo : The unity in diversity of tulip flowers by Ati Paramita