Sunday, April 12, 2009

The light in the darkness

If there is a desert, there must be an oasis,
Although perhaps it’s only small .
If there is a jungle, there must be a light,
Although perhaps it’s
to find.

Life sometime can be so complicated,

And many times we may not find the way out.
It’s not due to the unavailability of solution,
Or our limited capability to solve.

We often can not see it,
Only because of our unrealistic way to see,
Sometimes our expectation is too high,
But, we don't have enough patience and effort to catch it.

The hope is always there,
But, it depends on us whether we want to find it or not.
If we believe we can, for sure we will.

So, please don't give up !

Written by Ati Paramita
Photo : The candle light of hope by Ati Paramita

P.S. To my friend who is still struggling, please don’t give up !
I am sure you will find the way out. Good Luck !

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