Sunday, June 7, 2009

The harmony of diversity

I visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah last week for refreshing. It’s nice, because it has been around 15 years I did not visit there. It was such a journey of tracing back to my childhood, at the time when I started to learn about diversity and to understand that there were a lot of different cultures in Indonesia.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is also known as a Beautiful Miniature Indonesia Park. It is a recreational area located in East Jakarta, where we can see the beauty of cultural diversity representing through various traditional houses, architectures, clothes, and dances of almost all provinces in Indonesia. It’s beautiful, not only because of those various attractions, but also the unique atmosphere. There are several other interesting objects which we can see in TMII such as museums, planting gardens, swimming pool, bird park, and many things.

But, among all of those visiting points, the most interesting aspect for me is when I stopped by at several religious houses which were build in the same area and close to each other, such as a Mosque for Moslem, a Church for Catholic, a Church for Protestant, a Vihara for Buddhist and a Pura for Hindus. These religious houses are not only replica, but also real. It means these can be utilized for praying and conducting various religious services and activities. I feel grateful to see that in fact we can stay close to each other in harmony by respecting the differences of others.

Talking about the diversity, there are a lot of diversities in our life such as nationality, culture, religion, political party, ideology, etc. For me, the diversity is something unique that could enrich our live. But for some people, sometimes it is difficult to accept the diversity around us and even they often see it as a problem. For example, the fighting between different religious followers, the unfair competition between different political parties to win for the election, the battle between different nations and there are many things.

In fact, every body is born as a unique creation; it means no one is designed in the same condition. Indeed this diversity has so many benefits, such as it could expand our view, because we could get the opportunity to know that there is another side of life, so that we can learn from others. It will enlarge our horizon and improve our way of thinking to see the thing or a problem as a whole. It will also enhance our creativity, because through diversity we could see the various kinds of solutions which may come from other people with different backgrounds.

Understanding those benefits of diversity, I really wish that no matter what background we have, which country we came, what religion we follow, what political party we choose and so on, it would be nice if we can stay close to each other in harmony, so that this diversity will not threat our life, but it could enrich and complete our life.

Written by Ati Paramita
Photo : The harmony of diversity at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah by Ati Paramita

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  1. An excellent blog. Full of nice ideas and delicate feelings. Congratulations, dear Paramita! All editorial team of our journal wishes you all the best and wants you to be a part of this multicultural project.
    Daniel Dragomirescu, editor of CHMagazine